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Roosevelt Auto Repair has been serving the Enumclaw area for many years. We are dedicated to serving our fellow Enumclaw Residents with quality repairs and exhaust services. We work, live, and play here and want to treat you like family, with Honest Evaluations and Estimates for Exhaust and Automotive Repairs. We feature some of the most advanced technical diagnostic equipment on the Enumclaw Plateau and invite you to come in and see what this means to you...... Fast Accurate Trouble Shooting ! We pride ourselves on providing friendly, honest auto repair and exhaust repair services at affordable prices. We are ASA trained to Fix Most Makes and Models of Foreign and Domestic Automobiles and Trucks. Our Trained Professionals will provide you with Fast Friendly Auto Repair Services you can count on. We work on Hot Rods, Vintage Cars, Regular and Hybrid Passenger Cars, Diesel Trucks, Jeeps, Pickups, All Makes and All Models of Domestic and Foreign Cars. Give us a call ..... (360) 825-7019
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Roosevelt Automotive & Exhaust 2328 Roosevelt Ave Ste C Enumclaw, WA 98022 (360) 825-7019 Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Closed Sat - Sun
(360) 825-7019
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Acura Repair, Audi Repair, Buick Repair, Cadillac Repair, Chevrolet Repair, Chrysler Repair, Dodge Repair, Ford Repair, GM Repair, GMC Repair, Honda Repair, Hummer Repair, Hyundai Repair, Infiniti Repair, International Repair, Jeep Repair, Kia Repair, Lexus Repair, Lincoln Repair, Mazda Repair, Mercedes-Benz Repair, Mercury Repair, Mitsubishi Repair, Nissan Repair, Oldsmobile Repair, Plymouth Repair, Pontiac Repair, Saturn Repair, Scion Repair, Subaru Repair, Suzuki Repair, Toyota Repair, Volkswagen Repair, Volvo Repair, and ..................Much Much More.

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Need a New Exhaust System or Muffler?

We offer custom bending on exhaust repairs as well as muffler replacement. If you have an exhaust pipe that has rusted through and is leaking, this could be a major safety issue. We will replace the leaking section or replace the entire system, depending on it’s condition. If the pipe is rusted, corroded or weak, but not leaking, we will suggest it be replaced because it is near the end of its useful life. If you need a exhaust system inspection, new tailpipe, muffler, or complete exhaust system, Roosevelt Auto Repair and Exhaust is the place to call.
Roosevelt Auto Repair ....
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When was the Last Time you Serviced Your Brakes?

Most people Don't Know ..... Lack of Brake Service is That one of the Biggest Automotive Safety Issues Today. A cars brake system need to be checked at least every 40k to make sure that it is in good working order and safe. Brake Pads and Fluids wear out with time and mileage, so give us a call to discuss service for your vehicles brake pads, rotors, calipers or drums, and brake fluids.
Remember, your front brakes can wear out much faster than your rear brakes, and it costs less to replace brake pads before they damage expensive brake rotors.
Call for a Brake Check-up Today .....
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When was the Last Time you had a Tuned Up?

Auto Tune Up equals better fuel economy! Most car owners don't realize just how much fuel economy they are losing due to an engine that needs a Tune-up. Tuning Up youre car can save lots of money at the gas pump. It is not uncommon to see mileage increases of 2% to 6% after a complete tune up.
At Roosevelt Auto Repair we use advanced technology and know how to tune your car for maximum performance and and fuel economy. We perform complete diagnostics to determine what components are costing you fuel mileage and what components need replacing. If necessary, we can clean your cars injectors and fuel throttle body, which will make a huge difference in performance. Give us a call to schedule a Tune Up today
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